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Thank you to everyone for your patronage and interest. I am glad that my time and money was worth it. If I will have your support I will continue in my work. Once again thanks...



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Re: Re: Re: ready to part with hair

(Abdul, 2015-06-22 06:52)

Hey Erin can u travel if I get u a ticket for ur shave

Need models for head shave

(Abdul , 2015-06-22 06:48)

Please let me know if any models available for head shave

Looking for long hair girls for head shave by me

(Abdul, 2015-06-18 10:42)

Hi I am looking for a model for head shave if anyone available let me know . I am willing to offer a airticket for The model to Hong Kong were she will be getting shaved

shaving soap

(bbbaldy, 2015-06-09 18:00)

Hi, I think the models appreciate if you appliy the shaving soap by the shaving brush. please let them have a hottowel before you start applying the shaving soap and please let us see this in amuch longer sequence. but you do realy great work.

Re: shaving soap

(admin, 2015-06-10 09:20)

Next time I will use hot towel :)

short for summer

(ErinD, 2015-06-01 17:53)

The recent heat & humidity here in PA have made me think that
a short summer haircut would be much cooler. Any ideas ? Who
knows a shave might be good too !!

strihanie vlasov

(schmitz, 2015-05-23 07:44)

Dobry den,
Rozumie tu na tejto stranke niekto cesky alebo slovensky ? Mam dlhe blond vlasy a rozmyslam nad strihanim. Nasiel by sa niekto kto by mi vedel poradit ?
Ak sa vam da prosim odpiste mi tu :)


(Charlie, 2015-05-19 21:24)

Rowena looks very familiar. Was she ever a model before?

Re: Rowena

(admin, 2015-05-20 10:47)

I think that never...

hair advice

(Erin Dellinger, 2015-05-13 18:02)

I have slightly below shoulder length brown hair with graduated full bangs.
I was considering a cut and color but am not sure what would be a good style for a 31 year old woman , about 5' 10 132 lbs. I have a pretty active lifestyle.
I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks

Re: hair advice

(Lisa, 2015-05-18 17:53)

Leave it long and curly

Re: Re: hair advice

(Erin, 2015-05-18 18:41)

I was thinking of cutting my hair, but thanks for the encouragement to leave it long !!

Re: Re: Re: hair advice

(Rob, 2015-05-19 17:41)

Have you ever tried a short pixie, easy to take care of.

Re: Re: Re: Re: hair advice

(Erin, 2015-05-19 17:43)

Thanks Rob for the suggestion, I've never been short.

When you don't save the pony

(Cool Bobs, 2015-05-12 02:43)

First, thanks for all the material you share. I am sure everyone has there favorite stuff and we very much appreciate your efforts and expense that goes into securing these models.

For your consideration.... I would like to lobby for more hair on the cape... I think it really adds to excitement to see all the silky hair that is being lost. I think it ups the nervous factor and makes for the best during pictures.

You already do this from time to time but I would love to see one of the dry barber cuts just raining it down into a pile on her lap.

Anyway you do a great job as is..... I have been out here forever and collected so much and some of your images and videos rank among my favorites.

Thanks friend

Cool Bobs

Re: When you don't save the pony

(admin, 2015-05-13 12:17)

Thank you for your expression of thanks. You made me happy :) I'm doing what I can and I hope you will always find here what you like...
Again thanks.


bald head

(Dale Montgomery, 2015-02-08 18:19)

I love women when they shave there heads. I would to date women with bald head. I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE MY HEAD SHAVE TO. WHERE CAN I GO GET DONE?

BTW: don't shave Cherry Jane

(mystical81, 2015-01-09 20:50)

i second that!

Travel a lot Erik?

(Bene, 2015-01-09 13:42)


Love some of your haircuts shown here and do wonder - you must travel a lot ... to the Philippines? Or don't you care to tell us where you found that beauty Cherry jane with her heart in the right place.

Lots of travel (and haircut) fun in 2015!

Re: Travel a lot Erik?

(admin, 2015-01-09 14:17)

Thanks :)
I found her somewhere in the World :)))))

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