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The website for all fans of hair cutting, head shaving, buzz cutting, also of the hair cutting capes and salon gowns, barber jackets and hairdresser aprons. In the barbershop also in hairdressing salon as well from the home ...

Lot of fun and ENJOY !


Joy military cut video


 High and tight clippered barbershop girl

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS | Pictures: Zero nape buzzcut

Manual hair clippering video


 Going shorter on the nape and sides with manual clipper


Cutting Joy´s hair shorter video


 Shorter and shorter...

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS | Pictures: Shearing shorter

NEW model Joy shears cut video


 Caping and cutting hair with scissors...

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS | Pictures: Shears cut

Veronica headshave cam II. Full Video


 All scenes from Veronica´s barbershop headshave from second cam.

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS