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The website for all fans of hair cutting, head shaving, buzz cutting, also of the hair cutting capes and salon gowns, barber jackets and hairdresser aprons. In the barbershop also in hairdressing salon as well from the home ...

Lot of fun and ENJOY !


NEW model Sara - caping video


 A new model Sara got yellow shiny cape by aproned girl...


JOAN extreme hair cut FULL VIDEO


 All scenes of Joan´s barbershop visit

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS

Joan nape razor shave video


 Barber shaved her nape with a straight razor and result.


Joan full head buzz cut video


 Barber buzzed her head shorter

Entire article | Section: VIDEOS | Pictures: Full head buzz cut

Manual hair clippercut video


 Barber used a hand hair clipper for Joan´s nape close cut