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Thank you to everyone for your patronage and interest. I am glad that my time and money was worth it. If I will have your support I will continue in my work. Once again thanks...



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Re: great videos

(admin, 2013-12-04 09:49)

You have still to endure :)


(Kaushal, 2013-11-18 16:09)

just love your videos , would love to contact with you


(admin, 2013-11-18 16:11)


thank you

(zoro, 2013-10-28 23:20)

hi,how are you doing?
Thank you all because you shaved more as i mentioned.I enjoyed alot.these photos are really hot & i always watch them.

Re: thank you

(admin, 2013-10-30 17:32)

Thank you for your interest. Hope you here always find what you like :)

WOW!!! 750 000 visitors....

(admin, 2013-10-01 08:12)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support :)))))))))))

Website - full video

(smith, 2013-08-30 02:32)

can i know the actual website for these vids? would love to watch full vid of it

Just a question

(Tom Anderson, 2013-08-19 10:07)

What would be the finished look of the Barberette ? i.e what haircut is she getting

Re: Just a question

(admin, 2013-08-19 13:42)


great site

(brad hov, 2013-08-17 23:25)

appreciate all your posts and pictures - very nice and fun to see

Re: great site

(admin, 2013-08-19 13:42)

Thanks :)

abit more shaving

(zoro, 2013-06-26 23:01)

I really love this job,specially nape razor shaved girls;but i prefer these to be shaved more until the top of ears.more and more plz.

Re: abit more shaving

(admin, 2013-08-09 22:44)

Thanks. You need endure :)

Female Haircut Cape Models

(Ed, 2013-06-30 03:15)

Have the female salon cape models wearing the capes and pump them up and leave them facing the mirrors and video tape that.

I love the new videos keep them coming Please!!!

Re: Female Haircut Cape Models

(admin, 2013-08-09 22:42)

I will think :)


(Laura, 2013-07-31 22:43)

Your barber is awesome! I wish I could find one that puts his hands on my head and would control it like that! Those are some pretty lucky women!
Tell him great job and I'll be on a plane to get a shave from him! :)

Re: barber

(admin, 2013-08-09 22:39)

Thanks. I will tell him :)

Steep bobs

(Cambridge, 2013-05-24 09:43)

I like the very steep bobs - chin length at the front, but showing a lot of shaved nape at the back.

Re: Steep bobs

(admin, 2013-06-13 13:21)

I like it too :) Something like will be later...

Nearly 600'000 ...

(2b, 2013-05-23 00:53)

You have been doing a lot of good work!

In which country are the video's mostly made? If you would be so kind to produce one video from long to short in one go with clippers (longer guard) and scissors on top first ... That would make my day (week) ;-))

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